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mercoledì 22 febbraio 2012

Contemporary jewelry design and fairs

Try to think about art today, it has a many-sided meaning. Design is today the representation of the last expression of contemporary art in all the design fields, also the jewelry field.

There are many contemporary jewelry designers around the World and every years there are many different international fairs in the capitals of the jewelry. Some of these are consumer oriented, other are business oriented, but each one is a fusion between jewelry, fashion and design.

The most important fairs were held at Tokyo, Vicenza (Italy), London, Lyon (France), Bangkok, Munich (Germany) and Hong Kong and many others have already been organized by the jewelery organizations in more than ten different countries.

The most repeated fair is the VicenzaOro fair because during one year the exhibition area in Vicenza host four fairs. Why? The answer is easy: Italy is the house of fashion and as you know the Italians are sophisticated people and they know how handsome is the right use of the accessories for each kind of clothes and of course for each season.

All these jewellery fairs are created for the most à la mode consumers, business men and in general people keen on jewelries. It is a fact that nowadays a lot of young men and women are interested in this field of business and activity.

Young businessmen and women try to understand better the jewelry market and they use these fairs to discuss about the new techniques, design creation by artists, fashion creative people, and the new trend with the former experts.

Young students, on the other hand, are interested in the design of the jewelry, the opportunity to become a jewelry artist and to create new fashion creative pieces of art learning from the contemporary products.