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venerdì 15 giugno 2012

2012 Biennale of Architecture in Venice – Common Ground

From 29th August until 25th of November 2012 Venice will host the fantastic, international, creative, magic and cool Biennale of Architecture. The 13th International Exhibition of Architecture in Venice which will be hosts at Giardini and Arsenale.

David Chipperfield and Paolo Baratta have chosen with other experts and professors the theme “Common Ground” and 55 Countries will participate. The amount of artists, architects, photographers, designers which are going to give them contribute to this exhibition is going to be more or less 110.

The goal of Biennale 2012 is the creation of a Common culture, a sort of place where the cultural and artistic and architectural heritage of each person can be joined together. What Chipperfied (the organizer of 2012 Biennale edition) expect from the Biennale is the involvement of artists, architects, designers and people in this great atmosphere of communication. What is important is the creation of a Common field

People involved in the organization of this amazing event have also planned many congress during the Biennale, inside and outside of Giardini and Arsenale. There will be dozen exhibitions heavily involved in Biennale theme, congress in many different places, there will be events in squares and universities and of course parties everywhere.

Venice is the city of creativity, do not miss Biennale of Architecture which is a great occasion to see the island, its treasures and how is it possible to put 55 Countries in a small, amazing island.

martedì 22 maggio 2012

Ultra Body: an absolutely terrific exhibition!

Amazing! Have you ever been in Milan? No?! Why?! Shame on you ;) believe me there are amazing exhibitions, events, fairs, people!

One of the best exhibition experience I have ever participated in my life is Ultra Body! The human body is the main theme of more than 200 pieces of art between design and art.

Art and design, design and art in a way that you have never seen before, I'm sure. Why? Because this is a project created by designers (graphic, interior, fashion, jewelry designers) which have decided to show international design works heavily related to society, sociology, technology, aesthetics, anthropology and of course visual arts and design.

The exhibition is divided in three parts: “Alluding to the Body”, “Humouring the Body” and “Overcoming the Body”. I love all of them, but the last one is incredible.

Overcoming the body hosts provocative, original, experimental, crazy works. Some of them are special clothing such as a t-shirt for two, most of the others are ornaments created for bodies such as incredible jewelry!

Some of these jewelry are created to temporary modify your body, your face, your mouth, others have been created to connect two people, others are incredible such as fake tears falling down from your eyes. Ah extraordinary example are the works made by Naomi Filmer, I show you an example in the two pictures. Think about it, how would you react if you could see a person wearing this piece of jewelry?

Do you want to know something more? Discover the exhibition in Milan until June 17, the location is Sforzesco Castle (Sale Viscontee del Castello Sforzesco).

mercoledì 11 aprile 2012

Floral fanciful jewels

I was looking for a spring time gift for my best friend and I discovered the world of the fantastic floral creations. I was oriented to flower and floreal shapes for two reasons: 1st Spring is the season of flower bloom, and 2nd there's a flown of fashion trends for 2012 floral oriented.

It's incredible the creativity of the designer, actually they are able to create amazing pieces of art with many different kinds of material and not only jewels. I want to explain the variety of pieces of jewellery flower inspired.

There are typical pieces of jewelry, I mean: bracelet, necklaces, rings and earrings, made with diamonds, gemstones and gold. Some of these have the real shape of flowers and leafs. I believe rings and brooch are the most well done because the frame is usually flat, and the real body of the composition is not in contrast with hear or clothing, so the floral composition can be as complicated as possible with many little parts oriented in different directions.

Anyways, that's not enough to let you understand how great the jewelry designers are. Another example are the typical pieces of jewelry made with the use of different and original materials such as: plastic, leather, cotton, metals, stone, jelly and paper.
Is incredible, isn't? With paper! Do you want to see an example? Here you have one, the ring in the picture is made by paper and silver! Extraordinary craftsmen ability are concentrated in every single piece of jewelry hand made.

The last, but of course not the least of the jewelry designers creation is the growing ring! What does I mean with "growing"? You can imagine, there are rings and earrings (as I saw), with super small vegetables such as grass or little plants. You can find many different models of these natural jewels surfing on the Internet! They are amazing!

Eventually, I haven't decided jet what to buy! It's too complicated!

mercoledì 22 febbraio 2012

Contemporary jewelry design and fairs

Try to think about art today, it has a many-sided meaning. Design is today the representation of the last expression of contemporary art in all the design fields, also the jewelry field.

There are many contemporary jewelry designers around the World and every years there are many different international fairs in the capitals of the jewelry. Some of these are consumer oriented, other are business oriented, but each one is a fusion between jewelry, fashion and design.

The most important fairs were held at Tokyo, Vicenza (Italy), London, Lyon (France), Bangkok, Munich (Germany) and Hong Kong and many others have already been organized by the jewelery organizations in more than ten different countries.

The most repeated fair is the VicenzaOro fair because during one year the exhibition area in Vicenza host four fairs. Why? The answer is easy: Italy is the house of fashion and as you know the Italians are sophisticated people and they know how handsome is the right use of the accessories for each kind of clothes and of course for each season.

All these jewellery fairs are created for the most à la mode consumers, business men and in general people keen on jewelries. It is a fact that nowadays a lot of young men and women are interested in this field of business and activity.

Young businessmen and women try to understand better the jewelry market and they use these fairs to discuss about the new techniques, design creation by artists, fashion creative people, and the new trend with the former experts.

Young students, on the other hand, are interested in the design of the jewelry, the opportunity to become a jewelry artist and to create new fashion creative pieces of art learning from the contemporary products.