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mercoledì 11 aprile 2012

Floral fanciful jewels

I was looking for a spring time gift for my best friend and I discovered the world of the fantastic floral creations. I was oriented to flower and floreal shapes for two reasons: 1st Spring is the season of flower bloom, and 2nd there's a flown of fashion trends for 2012 floral oriented.

It's incredible the creativity of the designer, actually they are able to create amazing pieces of art with many different kinds of material and not only jewels. I want to explain the variety of pieces of jewellery flower inspired.

There are typical pieces of jewelry, I mean: bracelet, necklaces, rings and earrings, made with diamonds, gemstones and gold. Some of these have the real shape of flowers and leafs. I believe rings and brooch are the most well done because the frame is usually flat, and the real body of the composition is not in contrast with hear or clothing, so the floral composition can be as complicated as possible with many little parts oriented in different directions.

Anyways, that's not enough to let you understand how great the jewelry designers are. Another example are the typical pieces of jewelry made with the use of different and original materials such as: plastic, leather, cotton, metals, stone, jelly and paper.
Is incredible, isn't? With paper! Do you want to see an example? Here you have one, the ring in the picture is made by paper and silver! Extraordinary craftsmen ability are concentrated in every single piece of jewelry hand made.

The last, but of course not the least of the jewelry designers creation is the growing ring! What does I mean with "growing"? You can imagine, there are rings and earrings (as I saw), with super small vegetables such as grass or little plants. You can find many different models of these natural jewels surfing on the Internet! They are amazing!

Eventually, I haven't decided jet what to buy! It's too complicated!