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venerdì 15 giugno 2012

2012 Biennale of Architecture in Venice – Common Ground

From 29th August until 25th of November 2012 Venice will host the fantastic, international, creative, magic and cool Biennale of Architecture. The 13th International Exhibition of Architecture in Venice which will be hosts at Giardini and Arsenale.

David Chipperfield and Paolo Baratta have chosen with other experts and professors the theme “Common Ground” and 55 Countries will participate. The amount of artists, architects, photographers, designers which are going to give them contribute to this exhibition is going to be more or less 110.

The goal of Biennale 2012 is the creation of a Common culture, a sort of place where the cultural and artistic and architectural heritage of each person can be joined together. What Chipperfied (the organizer of 2012 Biennale edition) expect from the Biennale is the involvement of artists, architects, designers and people in this great atmosphere of communication. What is important is the creation of a Common field

People involved in the organization of this amazing event have also planned many congress during the Biennale, inside and outside of Giardini and Arsenale. There will be dozen exhibitions heavily involved in Biennale theme, congress in many different places, there will be events in squares and universities and of course parties everywhere.

Venice is the city of creativity, do not miss Biennale of Architecture which is a great occasion to see the island, its treasures and how is it possible to put 55 Countries in a small, amazing island.

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